Everone Security

Safe Secure Protected


We provide SIA licenced professional security, trained to meet the changing world, with a service that is tailored to your specific business requirements.


With our knowledge, experience and attention to detail we provide you the client with the highest security support for your business both day and night.


Everone is constantly evolving and growing with modern security changes and challenges so that your business develops and grows protected with us.

About us

With over 30+ years experience in the security industry, our mission is to provide full security support for all your business needs.


We provide security support solutions to industrial, commercial and both private / public sector companies. Our team of highly trained, experienced and licenced professionals are here to help you with all your business security needs.




We are a company focused on delivering the highest security support service to our clients and we work in a wide range of industries to keep companies safe secure protected.


TV / Film Studio / Location Set guarding, Unit Base to Location transportation service, Static guarding, CCTV monitoring, reception and building guarding, warehouse, retail security, vacant property guarding, student accommodation guarding, Events, bars clubs and Close Protection.